De Woudpoort

Cozy neighborhood square animated by the authenticity of local producers and the discovery of nature and animals as a family.

Our vision

Baudouin, Luc and Tom are 3 farming families from Flemish Brabant. Together, they want to further develop short circuits and offer the quality and freshness of their products. This collaboration of local producers gave life to « De Woudpoort », a neighborhood square in their image where nature, friendliness and authenticity reign.

Nature has so much to offer !
What if we listened to it ?

Our activities

Farmer's market

Every Saturday, the neighborhood square turns into a farmer’s market. Come and fill your basket with fresh and tasty products

Birthday parties

Come and celebrate your children’s birthday in a natural atmosphere 

Pony ride

Caramel, Tictac, Princesse and Chocolat  are impatiently waiting for children aged from 1 and a half to 12 years old for a walk in the forest.

Party room

Book our party room with an area of 50m2 and a capacity of 30 people.



Great pony ride! My kids loved it and so did I ! We rediscovered the Sonian forest.


Delicious ! What a pleasure to rediscover the products of our region in a natural and warm setting.


Quiet location with free parking, large open courtyard and a children’s play area. Very pleasant with the family !

Why eat local and seasonal? 🍎


To support the economy

The producer sells at the right price since there are fewer intermediaries. The short circuit also encourages producers to increase their production and therefore to engage. Local dynamism is created !

For the protection of the environment

Transportation to transport products is a major contributor to pollution. By opting for a short circuit, we actively participate in the protection of our planet.

For product quality

Local fruits and vegetables are harvested when ripe and marketed within a week. They have matured in the fields in the sun, which allows them to have an authentic taste and still have plenty of vitamins and minerals.

For the discovery of flavors

Eating local and seasonal also means rediscovering forgotten fruits and vegetables. The premises represent a real asset for biodiversity, respect for the environment and regional culture.

Our partners